Spirits of Life

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Spirits of Life

Maybe journalism is dead.
Or maybe not.
I am still fighting to keep it alive, because I believe in it.
Because it is my life.
After all, it’s the only thing I know how to do.

I don’t deal with life or death topics, and I don’t like crime news, I have never wanted to report on that.
I write about what I study, always, and what I have always loved.

On my own.
Yes, because there will be no advertising here. None at all.
I am an independent journalist and I will always be so.
And I couldn’t afford to pay other colleagues.
It isn’t that I want to be a one woman show, that has never been my thing.
I simply don’t want to take advantage of others.
A professional job should be paid for. Full stop. And I can’t afford it. “Visibility” in our sector is a highly popular exchange but, in reality, it is covert exploitation that takes away the dignity of the profession. I will not be part of it. Therefore, I write alone.

When I am able, because I have to earn a living as a journalist, while I still can.
So, the editors with whom I have a paid professional relationship, come first.
Then it will be the turn of this creature, which I dedicate to those who no longer have a voice.

That red, carefree, impertinent dash will evoke all the Spirits of Life!