On the tip of the pen

Scratch... you know that sound that chalk makes on a blackboard when it breaks?
Well, perhaps my words will evoke that same strange and annoying effect.
But I’m OK with that.

I believe that life takes courage. You need the strength to speak up. To say what the others don’t want to hear.

I believe that our lives becomes blurred and begin to shatter when we say nothing about values that ought to be defended, strongly, simply and honestly.

Proclamations are not required. Acting like a leader is not necessary. Only the constancy of the tiny ant that perseveres in doing what it is called upon to do. In its own small way. In my own small way. Well aware that without the help of “others”, the whole cannot be accomplished.

I have registered a magazine, paying my dues, and I am a registered journalist, the editor of Spirits of Life, civilly and criminally responsible for what I write. Regulations that blogs do not have, as you well know. Anyone can start a blog, from home, without being exposed to the law. Maybe registering a magazine could be a unuseful step for you. It is essential for me. Because it shows you that I stand by what I say, always and all the way.

This space is for awkward inquiries, off-key notes and wrong-doings.
But that’s not all, it is also the page for editorials.